How to connect a smart watch to a phone

We tell you what to consider when connecting a smartwatch to a phone and what difficulties can arise with smartwatches and smartphones on Android and iPhone.

Smart devices have conquered the world for a long time. Instead of a clock just showing the time, an advanced person would prefer to start a gadget that can tell the weather, remind you of the dollar exchange rate and the need to congratulate a business partner on his birthday. 

This device can be used with a SIM card and receive SMS messages on it, make calls with it, use the Internet. But in order to take advantage of all the functions of the gadget, you need to know how to connect a smart watch to a phone for their full operation. 

Of course, with modern devices, there should be no problems with pairing. However, in this article we will tell you what to look out for and why smartwatches won't connect to your Android smartphone or iPhone.



How to connect a smart watch

  • Step by step instructions for iPhone
  • Step by step instructions for Android
  • What to do if the watch won't connect
  • Popular questions and answers

So you've bought a smartwatch, opened the purchase box and intend to use it for the first time. The first thing to do is to read the instructions that came with the gadget, and then charge the equipment. 

If the watch works with a SIM card, you should first check its functionality on the phone and only then install it into a new gadget. Before connecting your smart device to your phone, check if it works. 

Press the power button, set the correct time, date and location. After that, turn off the gadget again and press the power button after you turn on the bluetooth on the phone. This will avoid connecting other devices to the watch and confusing settings. 

Also, when preparing to connect the watch to the phone, make sure that you find the pin code in the instructions and know the name of your new technique.

Step by step instructions for iPhone
Owners of Apple devices will be able to make friends with their gadgets without any effort. Pairing Apple Watch and iPhone is pretty easy.

Step 1. Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices.

Step 2. Put the watch on your hand and turn it on while holding the button. When the brand logo appears on the display, release it.

Step 3. Bring your smart watch to your smartphone. Information about the smart gadget settings will appear on the screen. Click the "continue" button. If the message suddenly doesn't appear, open the Apple Watch app and select Pair.

Step 4. Point the smartphone camera at the watch face. Wait for the signal about successful connection. Enter the device ID under which it will be registered.

Step 5. If this is your first time using your watch, click Set Up Apple Watch. You will need to enter your Apple ID. If the request was not immediately reflected, then open it through the program by selecting the "Basic" item.

Step 6. If the watch is not the latest software, then the screen will ask you to update it. Check the charge level before agreeing.

Step 7. Create a password that is useful, for example, for Apple Pay. You can skip this step. Configure device settings.

In automatic mode, functions such as searching for a smartphone, GPS, and Internet access are available on Apple Watch. Additionally, you can connect Siri even if it was not turned on on your phone.

Please note that it may take some time to sync devices, especially if a lot of data is already saved on your smartphone. A slight pulsation will signal the end of the process.

If your Apple Watch displays Activation Lock, you need to enter your email address and password. The problem can arise if the watch had a different owner. Then he must remove the activation lock.

Step by step instructions for Android

There are a few more steps to pairing your smartwatch with your Android smartphone. The fact is that just turning on Bluetooth is not enough, you need to install a special application - your own for different manufacturers.

The Wear OS program is suitable for most models - it supports Google Assistant and adds a number of functions to the watch. It could also be Huawei Wear, Mi Fit, Galaxy Wearable - for the respective brands.

Step 1. Install a suitable application on your smartphone. Most often, the instructions say which one should be preferred and there is even a QR code for downloading. You can also find the application in GooglePlay by entering the model of your phone or smart device.

Step 2. Turn on the clock, open the application on the smartphone. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices. Move the watch closer to the phone.

Step 3. In the application, select the item "Add a new device" or "Settings", specify the model of the gadget that you are looking for and wait for it to be found.

Step 4. Enter the PIN code if the application asks for it. The treasured numbers can be found in the instructions for the device. Click: "Connect".

Step 5. The application will display "Connected". Then you can configure how the gadget works through your phone.

What to do if the watch won't connect

If your smartwatch does not connect to your smartphone, check the charge level on both devices one by one. Make sure the bluetooth connection is active. Then try unlinking your smartphone and reconnecting. If all else fails, turn off the watch and turn it on again - suddenly the pairing has already been established with another device and it interferes with the new one.

If the gadgets still can't see each other, try resetting your smartwatch to factory settings and try again.

Popular questions and answers

While connecting a smartwatch to a phone is an easy task, the process can be tricky.

Smartwatch won't connect to smartphone or won't work - what to do?

Make sure you have the latest operating system updates installed. Smart gadgets are capricious and may not connect if there is not the latest version of the application for pairing and tracking, as well as an old application store.

Make sure the gadget holds its charge well and is completely "fed". The fact is that bluetooth connection is quite a power-consuming process, and the watch can reset it if the battery is dead.

I connect the smart watch to the phone, but there is no pairing

This happens when the devices have already "connected" with other gadgets, for example, headphones or another phone. Remove all connections and try again. To forcibly break all existing connections, restart the devices. Also, in the "Settings" menu, check if you have allowed showing notifications on the paired gadget.

No notification appears on the watch display

You may have installed an application that is too old, or it may not work properly. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, completing syncing with your device, and connecting to it again.

Apple Watch can't set up or get an error message

Make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of the iOS operating system.

Try turning off your phone and then turning it back on.

Reboot or reset your smartwatch.

The app does not see the connected smartwatch

Modern gadgets are linked exclusively through the installed program. If you just "found" the device via bluetooth, it will work with errors and will not be able to perform functions. In order to eliminate this error, click in the bluetooth settings - "forget devices". And after that, connect the watch via the app as described above.

How to connect a children's watch to the phone

Smart watches for children are not only a fashionable decoration, but also a gadget useful for parents and schoolchildren themselves. To use all their capabilities to the maximum, you need to connect the children's smart watch to the smartphone of mom or dad. To do this, you first need to establish a connection between the phone and the device, and then configure the gadget in a special application. We present step by step instructions on how to set up a smart baby watch.

Step 1. Insert a SIM card with a fixed payment and unlimited internet into the smart baby watch. This is necessary so that the child does not accidentally go into negative territory until you know where he is and what happened to him. Disable all paid subscriptions immediately and block their connection. This can be done directly in the operator's cabin.

Step 2. Charge the smartwatch battery, preferably to 100%.

Step 3. Install a watch application on your phone. It is better to first install the program that is indicated in the instructions - native. Then, when you have already set up the clock, you can put any convenient application, for example, "Where are my children."

Step 4. Turn on bluetooth on your phone, then smart watch and bluetooth on them.

Step 5. Launch the downloaded application, register and get access to the interface.

Step 6. On the screen for adding a gadget, find your watch and touch its name. If you are asked to enter the ID-hours - do it.

Step 7. Enter the correct time and date. Make phone settings.

Step 8. Connect your smartphone to the application, for this you need to wait for the SIM card to register in the network (that is, you can call the phone). An SMS will be sent to the watch for setting. Set up the clock in the application: here you can enter numbers in the phone book, assign a number for an SOS call, sleep time, do not disturb mode, set alarms, update coordinates.

If you prefer to use the downloaded application for tracking the location of the child and other functions, then the native must be deleted. The application will inform about where the child is, tell if the battery is discharged, give a history of the student's movements. If the child has forgotten that he needs to do something or return home, you can send a signal through the clock. Well, and the most important thing is the alarm button, by pressing which the child sends an SOS signal to all applications that you prescribe in the settings.

If the watch does not respond to actions made from the phone, restart the gadget. By the way, keep in mind that many models can only be turned on and restarted from a tied phone.

Can Apple Watch Connect to Samsung Phone and Android Phone

It is possible to connect a smart device from an "apple" manufacturer to an Android phone. To do this, you need to install additional applications on both the watch (BLE Utility) and the smartphone (Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS).

First, you need to launch the application on your Android phone, activate the iOS Service and then open the Aerlink alert on your watch.

After connecting Apple Watch to a Samsung and Android phone, not all functions will work. For example, the voice assistant will not work. But notifications about calls, SMS and the charge of the smartphone itself will come, but you will not be able to answer an incoming call.

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